It’s a Wonderful Run Scholarship

It’s a Wonderful Run Scholarship

The scholarship is given to a graduating Mynderse Academy student who will be attending college in the fall, maintains at least an 80 GPA, participates in at least two sports, and embodies the characteristics of George Bailey’s leadership both on and off the field of play and behind the scenes.

2021: Flora Lin, Joe Jang, Abbie Lynch, Michael Bogart, DJ Bruni, Makenzie Higby

2020: Cole Dickson, Dan Liscum, Rachel Mahoney, Nate Sealy, Ian Simolo

2019: Ben McDonald, Trevor Roggie, Victoria McCloskey, Rachel Sullivan

2018: Peyton Stevers, Darren Miller, Noah Howard, Gavin Doell

2017: Brittany Baker, Abigail Dugo, Nick Hartwell, Hannah Smith

2016: Olivia Baxter, Samantha Impastato, Gillian Lamb, Hannah Miller

2015: Ryan Major, Phil Galusha, Tyger Doell

2014: Quinton Baxter, Heather Pollino, Emily Sullivan

2013: Mike Millis, Erin Fleming

2012: John Cifaratta

2011: Devon Connelly